Is my event date available?

Please check out our calendar and feel free to contact us for availability.

Can you hold my date?

​Yes, we will gladly hold your date and give you time to decide, and/or return our contract. Please be aware that your date is not confirmed until we have a signed contract and deposit. Putting your date on hold means we will contact you if we have other interest on that date.

Do you travel?

Sure! We are based in the DFW area, but will gladly travel anywhere. Let us know where your event is and we will get you a quote.

What is the booking procedure?

For general booking procedures, please check out our Booking A-Z page.

If you are interested in booking, please notify us, and we will hold the date for you.

During the hold, we will email our performance contract (PDF) with expiration date (usually expiring 30 days from the start of the hold). You can then mail the signed contract back to us along with the deposit of 50% of the contracted amount. If you would like to pay by credit card, there is a 3.5% service charge. The remaining balance will be due during the first hour of our performance. We will gladly take payment before your event if you choose. For booking, please email us or call us.

Can I request songs for my event?

Yes! Check out the Memphis Soul Song List Page or download the Total Song List PDF File to see a list of many of the songs we already know.  Choose some that are you favorites and we will work with you to have them played during your event.

Will Memphis Soul learn music for my event?

​Yes, we typically learn 3-5 new songs for your event. For weddings, these usually cover the first dance, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, and the last dance. We can cover almost anything (even original songs, such as the one your brother-in-law wrote), but please keep in mind our instrumentation. (Please remember we don't have a fiddle player, or get asked to cover heavy metal very often).

What is a the typical band schedule including breaks?

We commonly play 45-50 minute sets with 10-15 minute breaks. We are very flexible with our schedule as long as it falls close to that range of time. (Our vocalists need water eventually).

​Does the band provide break music?

Yes, we provide recorded music during the breaks. Our break music is very flexible. If you have music you would like to hear on the breaks, we will be happy to program it into our player for you, or you are welcome to bring your own player. (Please note, we no longer bring a CD player).

Does the band make announcements and emcee the event?

Yes, we commonly emcee the event. We are very flexible on schedule and announcements. We are also happy to invite your emcee to the stage to emcee if you like.


Does Memphis Soul provide music for wedding ceremonies & cocktail hour music?

We can. Our very experienced musicians who are trained in both classical and jazz music can play for wedding ceremonies and background jazz for cocktail hours. When you call us to book your event, let us know what you are looking for, and we will let you know if there will be additional charges. 

Does Memphis Soul bring their own equipment?

​Yes, Memphis Soul brings instruments, sound equipment, and lighting for the stage. Usually, we only require power.

How much power does Memphis Soul require?

We ask for three 20 amp outlets on separate breakers within 20 feet of the stage. Basically, 3 separate plugs in the wall. We can perform with 2 if notified in advance. We can also plug in from greater distance (no charge) if notified in advance. (Just let us know if we need to bring the 100 foot extension chords.)

Does Memphis Soul provide own stage?

​No. We do not require a stage and can generally perform in any location that is clean, level, dry, and protected from weather.

What size stage does Memphis Soul ask for?

​Ideally, we would like a 20'x24' stage. We are very flexible on this and have performed on every size stage imaginable from large stadium stages to living rooms.

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